Saturday, April 22, 2006

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Statue at The Grotto in Portland

Mt Adams, all 12,276ft of her, on US 97 in Washington. Most of the time she's hidden by clouds.

The Alaska oil pipeline and highway 11 just south of the Continental Divide, 68 degrees N latitude

Yours truly and the Alaskan oil pipeline

Above the clouds on I-84 west of La Grande, Oregon

Ryan makes a convincing Jesus, eh?

Life, love, and changes.

Ha, I bet I had you all thinking I'd already given up on my new blog. Well au contraire mon bon ami! I've been on the busy end of the stick for a while. The past month or so has been all about moving out of my house with my two guy roommates and moving in with Maree. I had to juggle work alongside it, which consists of leaving town and working 12-15hr days and driving 300-600mi a day, and just got finished with it all. The past thirteen days were either moving, working, birthday parties including my own : ), and recovering from said parties. At the end of it all, I was pretty exhausted. Like a flip of a switch, I'm now left to my own devices to settle in to my new abode, get my taxes together, and take 'er easy.

One of my oldest Portland friends, Jim, is moving to Spain in a few weeks to help open a microbrewery in Valencia. I'm really going to miss him, we've been through a lot together and I still can't imagine him not being around. It's sad. What's also sad is that his nine year old cat, Luci, had to be taken to the Oregon Human Society because he couldn't find a home for her. Luci was a sweetheart, she was runt of the litter and declawed, so she was always timid and skittish, but she accepted and gave love very easily. She'd lick you until she hit bone if you'd let her. She was so gentle, an indiscriminate blob of fur on the couch, lazyboy, or in my closet in my dirty clothes box. Even though her presence was understated, I'll miss it. It was like I could count on her to ber curled up in some corner where the other cats wouldn't bother her. She loved cat treats, and when she was overrun by fleas in March, it seemed like that was her only pleasure in a sea of misery. She walked with a limp, threw up a lot, and peeed on the carpet almost daily. Her age was starting to get the best of her and it was so hard to come to the house to pick up a load to move and see her laying on the couch, probably only having moved to eat or pee on the carpet. We all discussed what to do with her, and couldn't swallow the idea of putting her to sleep. I hope she found a good home to spend the rest of her days laying about, hopefully unmolested by other cats. Jim told me that when the time comes that he wants to get a pet, he is going to go to the shelter and find a sweet old cat and give him/her a good home to live out their days in.

The day we had to finish the move, which also happened to be my birthday, was really hard. I had to finally say goodbye to Luci, and the house the provided the venue for the best summer I have ever experienced. It hit me all at once, that Jim would be gone soon, Luci would be gone forever, and that the dynamic Celeste, Maree, Jim and I liked to describe as "The Core" would be changed from here on. It's like an atom that loses one of it's protons, it immediately becomes something new, an element with new properties and kinetics. I totally lost my shit and had to go hide behind the house and sob while some neighbors said their goodbyes to us and discussed the cat. It was a good cry and I had to let it happen. Crap I'm gonna start crying again.....gotta take a break.

It's hard to say goodbye to those you love. Jim isn't even gone yet and it's already hard as hell. So many good memories. It just shows me that we have to appreciate every moment we have, to be kind to others, to let those that are close to us know how wonderful they are and how much they are loved, because someday you might have to hold them tight and then let them go. You'll always be in my heart and my thoughts, Jim, you and everyone else that have been there for me and with me in the good and bad.