Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Super Macro Fest

The battery cover on my camera has been 75% broken for a couple months now, and it hasn't gotten much use. This is a bummer, man. The recent purchases by Celeste and Ryan of new digital cameras inspired me to pick mine back up. As of late I've been bouncing around the idea of a Macro series for a while and today decided to explore the idea. My camera will focus as close as 1.2 inches from the subject, allowing me to reveal a world we are unable to see clearly with the naked eye.

One of the downfalls of point-and-shoot digital cameras versus dSLRs like Maree's is poor depth of field. I'd say that 95% of the p-a-s cameras won't go higher than f8, whereas Maree's Nikon will happily jog up to f22. This makes taking ultra close-up photos tricky.

The most important lesson I learned today...swiffer the subject first! Well, except for Roxy : )

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