Thursday, June 1, 2006

Our new home....from outer space.

Today we put the deposit down on our superfantastic new home. It's half of a duplex that's 30 seconds from the interstate, though we don't hear it, and only a few blocks from a 24 hour QFC, a Shell station with cheap gas, and a smattering of asian and mexican restaurants.

It's an 1150sq ft two bed, one bath home, with a full basement, a wood burning fire place, hardwood floors throughout, built in linen closet and bookshelf, somthing like six closets, and picture windows. There's a greenhouse in the backyard and a garage to share. There's a lot of space to plant as well, and we are really excited to finally have an herb and vegetable garden going again. It's basically all we've ever wanted short of an entire house.

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braxtol said...

Beauty eh! It looks great from outer space. Congrats you two!