Sunday, July 23, 2006

Roxy's Motorcycle Dream

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I'm not sure what the little dance is at the end, maybe she had been trying to kickstart it for a while : )

Saturday, July 22, 2006



A "chick" from the Hens and Chicks plant

Here's looking at you. ~3/4cm long.

Three cheers for wind power! I see lots of these extra long trucks carrying the blades and support columns on my journeys.

The secret of good photography is to take a thousand pictures of a bee flying around until you get this.
Dude, it was hot yesterday. 105 degrees! Posted by Picasa

Roxy, doing her best to stay cool.

Spectacular Views

So Jim and his special ladyfriend Emily got a housesitting gig outside of Sandy, Oregon last week and invited Maree and I to come hang out and stay the night. It was a cool spread, kind of reminding me of my Aunt Kathy's place. It was a nice retreat from the city's bustle, even though only a modest stand of trees separated us from the highway. Somehow Emily, being the Oregon native that she is, had never made it up to Mt Hood, so we all piled into her truck and headed up to a trail I'd been on before that would deliver some spectacular views.

The Mirror Lake/Tom, Dick, and Harry Mountain Trail is super easy to get to, the trailhead being a parking lot on the shoulder of US-26. It's about a mile and a half to the lake, then another mile or so to the top of the mountain. I've been to the lake twice, once in the winter when it was all snowy and the mountain trail was closed, and once in the fall. I made it to the mountain top in the fall, but clouds obscured any view that was to be had. Not knowing the view at the top was a nice surprise when we summited. We were greeted with a 360-degree view of the Cascade range, with Mt Rainier, Mt St. Helens, Mt Adams, and Mt Hood to the north and Mt Jefferson to the south. It was quite amazing!

Summit Panorama

Mt St. Helens from 60-70 miles away. Gotta love that 10x zoom : )

Mt Adams

Emily, Jim, and Mout St Helens

Kickin' back with Mt Hood

Maree's taking a picture too. Meta!

Flowers were blooming all over the place, gorgeous!

Mirror Lake and Mount Hood

Cutest little bunny baby hanging out on the edge of the trail

Mirror Lake & Friends Panorama

Cascadian Twilight