Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Elk Lake Revisited

After compiling the list of things we should have brought, and the things we needed to get to make the experience all the more enjoyable, we returned to Elk Lake for another two day/two night excursion. This time we were armed with a 9'2" Sevlyor 4-person raft. Which turns out to be damn comfortable for two, and a floating bed for one. We also brought with us a set of fishing poles and some tackle that was donated to us from one of Maree's clients. This time round we decided to head out on a Sunday morning, figuring that the Weekend Warriors would have departed. We were right, and scored what was probably the best site on the entire lake. Secluded, direct access to the lake, a great fire pit, a nice, level spot for the tent, and for the first night, no neighbors!

My fondest memory of the trip was getting in the boat with Maree, paddling several hundered yards out into the lake, and then letting the wind slowly blow us back to the shore as we laid on our backs and listened to the birds, the wind, and the water. The next best would be swimming in the lake, which was so, so clear. I felt comfortable opening my eyes while underwater, and was treated to a quite a show of light and color. The bottom was a deep tan color, mostly devoid of any rocks or branches, a smooth endless surface with tendrils of light dancing upon it. The water was a gradient of dark to light green, slowly transitioning into a sky blue color nearing the surface. It felt like I was flying through the atmosphere of some gas giant planet! I wish I had an underwater housing for my camera, but they are very expensive...

Hope you enjoy the pics! : )

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