Friday, September 22, 2006

10-Year Reunion in my head

Since last night was like the fifth time in the past several months that I've had a dream that I was somewhere that I recognized someone from high school, I figured I'd put it out there. It usually starts with just one person. This time it was Megan Curtis who had apparently bought a house in Portland. Then I realize I've stumbled upon a huge group of old friends. The weird thing is my brain actually took the time to AGE them, people's faces look wiser, more mature. Guys who were clean shaven sport beards, some have gained weight, some lost weight. I recall this time around actually discussing that I dream of these events with the people I saw, speculating that I was experiencing astral projection or something. It was set in some large gym-style area with circular tables and a wood floor. I remember misplacing my rolling tobacco and someone smoking pot in a walk-in cooler. I think at some point we dispersed to go to a party.

At the party there were still some CHS'96ers around, but the dream shifted to an apparent air drop of senior citizens on motorcycles! One landed and asked me where this place was, and I said "This is Las Vegas, Nevada." by which he replied, "We were supposed to land in Moses Lake, Wa, but that's alright, we'll just ride on up, we're gonna tear up the town." Weird.

I dreamt that I was taking our raft to the Clackamas to go rafting. There were people there that had outrageous inflatable contraptions, huge ungainly devices as large as a yacht. My raft had a leak in it that I made worse by fiddling with it. My friend Adam was in my dream, his first appearance.

The last dream I had was that I was outside of some industrial building at night, when I realized that I had gum stuck in my hair. There were two girls trying to get into the building, it might have been an art space or something, when several pimped out rides showed up, and some unsavory characters got out and started talking to each other and then to the girls. I thought to myslef, "I need some scissors to get this gum out of my hair, hmmm I bet one of those homies has a knife." So I walked into the middle of their conversation and asked if anyone had a "blade." I got a little more than I bargained for, an enthusiatic one who was proud of his weapon and an little to eager to use it in close proximity to my head. The dream ends with his arm swept back as I'm holding the affected lock of hair against a metal door.

When the alarm woke me up I ascended from a very, very deep well of unconsciousness.

Good morning.

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braxtol said...

Buenas dias mi amigo. That was one crazy dream. I dreamt the other night that the core was sitting around rating each song on the new Built to Spill song. It's easy to skew the lines between reality and dreams when your dreams are typical events that have probably already happen. Oh, and thanks for finding that events website.