Thursday, November 2, 2006

They call Los Angle-es the City of Angeles....

Well, I made it! The hostel is right in the middle of it all in Hollywood, right behind Man's Chinese Theatre. I got a chance to walk around a little bit last night and gawk at all the lights and flashy cars/people. Right now I'm sitting at an internet cafe at Hollywood and La Brea having some soymilk and enjoying the 70 degree weather, w00t! Sleeping was tough last night. The guy in the bunk below my has sleep apnea and kept me up for the better of an hour last night snoring like a giant and making all sorts of bizarre esophygeal noises. First thing this morning, I ran down to the drug store and got some ear plugs! That's about it for now, time to finish me brekky and get to work.

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