Sunday, November 5, 2006

Things I've learned/borne witness to

Simply put, LA is a zoo. Since I've been here I've had many opportunities to appreciate the fact that I live in Portland. So far:

-I've been cursed out twice by angry motorists
-Seen some asian men get verbally abused by some hispanic men, for no reason
-Learned that if you drive 20mph over the speed limit, people will still
blow by you
-A turn signal means "Be prepared to be cut off."
-I've heard a horn honked at least a hundred times
-It's definitely all about the Benjamins here
-I haven't seen anyone in a cotton hoodie, wtf?!

On a lighter note
-Capitol records is heavily advertising the Decemberists. I saw a bus stop bench with an ad for them!
-Amoeba Records is totally awesome! I was in there for over and hour and a half. I bought Sufjan Stevens "Come on Feel the Illinoise," MF DOOM: Operation Doomsday (which I thought was impossible to find in stores), Cat Power "You are Free," and the Low+Dirty Three album.
-I've seen three Ferrari's, a Lamborghini Diablo VT, and a couple Bentleys.
-I saw a Mexican Elvis, Charlie Chaplin, Spiderman, Jason, Jimi Hendrix,
Michael Jackson, and lots of cool musicians performing on the street last night
-Gas is more reasonable than I thought 2.30-2.50 for reg.
-Malibu Canyon is very pretty
-The Power House Bar at Highland and Hollywood Blvd has Pabst and only Pabst on tap

Today is my last day in greater LA. Tomorrow and Tuesday I head up the coast on 101, so that should be more mellow and scenic. This town would surely eat me alive if I stayed here long enough. There seems to be a sincere lack of common decency in this town. Maybe that's what happens when there are 15,000,000 of you trying to get around. I really can't wait to be back in P-Town, where it's probably 45 degrees and raining, and somehow that sounds appealing to me. Yeah it's 75 degrees during the day, but the smog, the trash, and the people are a real put off. I hope I don't sound miserable, I'm not really letting any of the bad get to me, just being observant.

Concrete-a Jungle, Jungle!


Maree Natal said...

You were so close to the end. Boo! Your laptop died and now you'll be eaten alive. I'm cwying :((

Clare said...

nothing like the meandering thoughts of a road traveler. glad you made it back safe and sound!