Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Snow Day, Snow Day

We got a dusting of snow last week that hung around in shady spots. But yesterday we woke up to three to four inches of snow on the ground and in the street. It's been 30s/20s for the past five days, so the ground didn't melt any snow that fell and it just piled up! Maree and I drove down to the Hollywood district to run an errand in her 4x4 Geo Tracker.

It was really the most perfect snow day: the city shuts down, the snow is really dry, there is no ice to speak of, it didn't change into rain, it stopped snowing by 1pm, and it wasn't windy. We decided to go for a walk up to Mt Tabor and saw some snowboarders doing tricks on hand rails, people skiing, biking up and down, and sledding. We took some pictures of town at the top, and walked back home.

It isn't supposed to rain anytime soon, and the temps
will slowly rise over the next few days with cloudy
skies, so it should hang around for a while. I think
I'll shovel our sidewalk just to be a nice neighbor.

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