Saturday, February 17, 2007

Drawn Aside, Reveal Propeller

What a crazy show! Le Bloody Hummus Haus was a really awesome Portland experience: an all ages crowd, homebrewed beer for the of-age crowd, in a house dedicated to hosting local acts twice a month for free. The first band, Reverse Dotty and the Candy Cane Shivs, were a group of five 18-19 years olds playing dancy euro trash beats overlayed by synth, guitar, yelly angst, and I believe a violin got in there somewhere. Next up were Swim, Swam, Swum, a three-piece with a strong following. They put on a great set that had the crowd fired up and rocking out. Point Juncture had the last slot, playing out for the first time with Andy Combs in the place of Jesse, who is going on hiatus for a while, though hopefully to return. Andy pulled off Jesse's parts admirably, considering the crash course he has been on learning his parts. Their set was just at its peak when the police showed up and shut the party down, so we all got left hanging and wanting more. There were a few tense moments when the owner/lessee of the house, who was quite hammered, demanded relentlessly that PJWA play one more song, consequences be damned. Maree came and saved the day when she intervened and told him that there was a situation developing upstairs that he needed to take care of or else the police were going to get nasty. In the end, we just kicked it with the band for a while in the basement until the police felt they acheived their goal and left the property. I'm not surprised the cops showed up as the show was advertised in the Mercury and drew a large crowd that nearly filled the backyard with boistrous revelers between sets. Once able to look past the anticlimactic end to the evening, I'd say it was a great show. House parties are so much more fun than going to a venue, so cozy.


Maree Natal said...

I had to intervene to explain to the owner-guy that this young-ish looking chic (who was obviously drunk) was arguing with the police. The cop was telling her to get her things and leave and she wouldn't! I don't know what was going on there but I feared she might give them a reason to enter the house. He was threatening tickets and sending everyone left in the house to detox. I wasn't worried about David or I since we were sober but I didn't want to see any problems arise with them.

The party WAS a blast! I'm so sad to see Jesse go but I think he'll be back. Andy Combs def. rocked the house in his place.

I think "Sioux Arrow" is my favorite song right now! Point Juncture played it so well last night!

braxtol said...

w00t! That rawked! Thanx 4 the songs via youtube. Loved the new track, can't wait for the new album!