Sunday, February 18, 2007

Year of the Fire Pig

Today Maree and I particiapted in the celebration of the Chinese New Year. All through the previous week we consulted on how to get our home and our minds prepared for the coming year, a year that is marked by prosperity, happiness, and surprises. Following tradition, we did not cook any meals at home, and instead we walked down to the Cricket Cafe for breakfast. Following breakfast, we walked over to an import store on Hawthorne called The Monkey King to watch a Lion Dance be performed. We ended up running into a friend of Maree's whose boyfriend was one of the dancers. The dance team was there to perform a dance that would bless the store with good fortune and prosperity in the coming year, and involved a lion climbing a tall pole to unroll
a scroll, devouring a head of lettuce dangled from the end of a pole, and setting off a long string of fireworks. It was most impressive and drew a crown of onlookers. After the performance, Maree and I did some shopping in the store and picked up some items for the house that were heavily discounted. Our biggest score was a ceramic statue of Quan Yin that had a couple broken fingers that was over 80% off! The broken fingers, save for the tip of one finger, were in the box with the statue and I glued them back on with some epoxy. It looks awesome! We ended the night with some take-out from a Chinese restaurant close by. Dee-licious!


braxtol said...

I think it's the Chinese New Year
of this I fairly clear

Nice video and description. Let's all celebrate by eating some Choco-baco-dos!

Maree Natal said...

Braxtol, do you think the Choco-baco-dos would be a hit in Spain? It's a perfect spanish treat with chocolate, bacon and pastries wrapped up into one! Yum! Yum!