Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I'm detecting a theme here.

Dudes, I totally scored today! It was one perfectly timed moment after another. Once again I have two of the same car a la the two Quantums. The events as they unfolded.

1. Trolling Craigslist and eBay for months for parts for my CRX.
2. Find an ad on CL for 1991 CRX Si with $3-4K in suspension damage for $300.
3. Email the guy, turns out the car is .5mi from where Maree is getting a massage the next day.
4. Drive out there, car is in great shape inside and out, just busted up wheels, steering/suspension components. Still runs! I buy it.
5. Uhaul has the hard to find tow dolly, but informs me that Maree's Geo Tracker is not heavy enough to pull the dolly with car.
6. My friend Jesse just happened to leave me his Ford F-250 while out of town for a week, so Maree and I head back into town and I pick up the truck and dolly and head back to Tualatin.
7. As I'm finishing up getting the car on the dolly, a guy shows up who wanted to buy the seats out of the car from the original owner, offers me $100 for the seats plus $25 for the slightly damaged front bumper.
8. He follows me home, turns out he is a veteran mechanic and gives me all sorts of tips and help on dissembling the car. We trade email address and he is very willing to help me out if I have questions about the car.

So now, not only do I have all the parts that I needed for my CRX, I have another CRX that I can take apart and sell the parts on eBay and Craigslist (of which there is a strong market). I've pretty much broken even at this point between the parts I sold to the mechanic and the value of the parts I'm harvesting for my car, with much more to sell. Add to that the value of making a contact with someone with major mechanical/bodywork experience and I'd call it a perfect day. oOt!


braxtol said...

WOOT! You should play some Kart while your luck is up. Maybe you'll break a record. 2 quantums ===> 2 crxs

Maree Natal said...