Saturday, June 23, 2007

First off, a little BTS update. In the end I ended up with two of each album! The one on backorder shipped, I pre-ordered Perfect From Now On at Jackpot and 15 minutes later Millenium called me and said they got in my other albums. So I ended up getting all three from MM, two from, and one from Jackpot. Oh, and while I was at Jackpot I ran across Sun Kil Moon's Ghosts of the Great Highway, which I had not seen since December '05 in ATL. Needless to say, I picked it up, post haste.

Today was all about the bicycle. I started it off watching videos Alan Singley made, many of which had footage of him riding his bike around town. I had just recently brought back to life my first digicam, and decided it would make a great experiment/beater camera, so I strapped it to the middle of my handlebars and away I went! I rode down to Jackpot to pick up Perfect From Now On, and then up to the top of Mt Tabor. It wasn't too grueling, but it was more effort than I'm accustomed to giving. At the top I rested, stretched, hydrated, made a few calls, and then headed back down, this time on the dirt trails that weave through the park. I intended to make a video of the descent, but a mini-bungee cord got too friendly with the command dial on my camera and took it off movie mode. So when I get home I have nada to show for it...oh well, I'll do it again soon. It was still fun. I ended it all with re-installing my front deraileur and getting the front and rears adjusted. Need those extra gears for the hills!

Thanks Alan Singley for inspiring my bicycle-themed day!

Here's "Conventional Wisdom" from You in Reverse.

On an unrelated note, here's a couple Blonde Redhead videos I found. Their new album 23 is so so great!

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Anonymous said...

Great Movie David! Thanks for remembering my birthday.


Uncle Jeff