Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Yesterday I took a ride out to and up Rocky Butte. I've been working on a bicycle-mounted video camera rig using my old Sony digicam. I've still got some kinks to work out, such as dampening vibrations. Turns out the camera has an auto-off anti-shock feature, which causes all data that was being recorded to be lost. I had planned to film the descent from the butte, and I tried, but the camera turned off on the way down due to some bump...Realizing this, I decided to get some practice anyway, this time just doing it hand-held, which can be kinda shaky, sorry. This video was for my uncle Jeff, who, although being an avid outdoorsman and bicycle racer, has yet to make it out to my neck of the woods. It was also a birthday gift of sorts for him. Happy Birthday Uncle Jeff!!!

I ascended from the bottom left and descended from the top right.

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