Wednesday, June 6, 2007

You all, everybody...

Just swinging by to drop a few lines while work is crunching away.

Work is great by the way. I'm learning new skills/applications every week, and tackling more complex tasks. I'm working my own hours at my own pace, with, again, no boss looking over my shoulder. More like a cat in my lap.

The car is coming along well, I got all the hardware replaced in the passenger side door, and got its lock re-keyed to match the rest on the car. The people who sold me the car did a crappy job of fixing it up for sale, more like f'ing it up for sale, so I'm getting everything straight and 100% functioning again.

The hood hinge repair went well enough, and I got another pair of door panels to replace the severely peeled ones I had. I also got a used hatch from someone I had sold parts to who had wrecked their car. The defroster lines on my hatch are damaged and the metal panel you place your hand on to close the hatch is dented in from pushing down too hard when the hatch wouldn't close easily. The hatch job is the largest job remaining and should take me a weekend to do it if all goes smoothly.

After that, I have the brake line replacement, painting the steel wheels, and any other needed cosmetic touches. Then it's going up for on Craigslist. I'll miss it. Even though the CRX is primarily thought of as a 19 year-old driven rice rocket with a huge wing and a "fart can" exhaust, the HF was an engineering feat. I pray that mine doesn't get bought by some crazy kid who guts the interior, lowers it, and swaps in a bigger engine (you can swap like 10 different engines into a CRX engine bay!). A bone stock HF is hard to find these days because the tuner crowd buys them for their low curb weight (a couple hundred lbs lighter than Si) and then proceeds to turn them into a drag car.

I'll try to take some pictures when I do the hatch job...

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braxtol said...

Venga! Construye tu coche!