Monday, July 30, 2007

O Boy...!

I just made an early AM technology purchase!

I've been considering a new digital camera for a while, seeing that I'm growing out of my 4-year old Olympus. After long deliberation I settled on the Fuji s6000fd. From all the reviews/forums I've sifted through it seems that ~6MP is the sweet spot for P&S CCDs these days, and that the 9MP Fuji suffered from more noise and the lens (same one on 6MP Fuji) was reaching the outer edges of its capabilities when combined with the 9MP sensor. The same lens on the 6MP was deemed to be a better fit by the forum crowd. There didn't seem to be anything on the horizon worth waiting for, and my dream camera, a dSLR that does HD video, seems improbable with current sensors. And whadya know, Fuji's running a $50 rebate on it (final cost $283)! o0t!

Highlights are:

6.3 MP 6th-gen Fuji sCCD sensor
28-300mm zoom lens
fluid-dampened mechanical zoom ring on lens barrel
manual focus ring on lens barrel, albeit a focus-by-wire affair
VGA movie mode with simultaneous zooming and sound recording ability
takes lens filters w/o conversion adapter
runs on 4 AA batts

That'll do pig, that'll do....


...Kat said...

looks awesoooome!

have a good time with it!

today I just got "reunited" with mine that I "mislaid"

losing memory cells? maybe! :-)

...Kat said...


and ALOHA too!