Sunday, August 12, 2007

"Oh, it's such a perfect day, I'm glad I spent it with you..."

Maree and I took part in the Providence Bridge Pedal, a yearly event where bicyclists have the opportunty to ride over all ten bridges that span the Wilamette River in Portland. Maree and I got up early and headed downtown to meet up with friends who were riding. Maree and I did eight of the ten beidges: Morrison, Sellwood, Hawthorne, Ross Island, Marquam, Burnside, Steel, and Fremont. Aside from an insane bottleneck getting onto Ross Island, it was smooth sailing for most of the ride, with most people taking an easy going pace. What was especially cool was that the top decks of the Marquam (I-5) and Fremont (I-405) bridges were closed for the event, providing peds and cyclists a once a year chance to set foot on these otherwise off-limits spans. At the top of each were mini-festivals with live music, free water and snacks, free samples from sponsors, as well as free bike repair from local bike shops. The Marquam featured a jazz band playing ragtime, and the Fremont had a group of bagpipe players. We cut our ride short, deciding against riding another 12 miles to cross the St. Johns bridge, and made our way back to the waterfront park for eats at the Bite of Oregon. Our ride was about 24 miles long, and in total we probably did closer to 30 with commuting to and from the event added in. It was really the perfect day for a ride, cloudy, in the 60s, no wind. Not to mention a bitchin' sunrise and sunset. Bless.


Maree Natal Bento said...

Oh such a perfect day, you just keep me hanging on... ;)

Anonymous said...

Looks like ya'll had fun.


you know said...

Yeah, it really was perfect.