Thursday, September 13, 2007

Poor Man's Boat

Last year sometime I purchased a 12v electric trolling motor from Goodwill with the idea of using it with our raft. Well, I finally went out and bought the battery for it, and Maree and I went for a test run on the Wilamette yesterday. I had to make an improvised rig to attach the motor to the raft since it was missing the original piece that connected it to the raft (two bungee cords and a wooden plunger handle!). I can't complain though, it was only $14.99 at Goodwill compared to $70 new! We jumped in the car, drove down to the Milwaukie boat launch and puttered over to Elk Rock Island, across the channel to the cliffs on the west bank, and back for a total distance of about 1.5 miles. The motor worked perfectly, on it's "fast" setting we were making maybe two knots, on the slow setting, one. Not a screamer by any stretch, but practically silent and emissions-free, it was perfect for a lazy day on the river. There was a little juice left when we made it back to the ramp, so we tooled around for a few more minutes to see how much longer the battery would last. I'm already planning on picking up another battery on eBay so we can double our range. With two batteries, we should be able to put in at the dragon boat ramp near OMSI and go for a five-bridge tour of downtown. What fun!

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Braxtol said...

kickin man - better to be rafting than on the rafters