Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Atlanta Trip First Pics

I watch the patchwork farms...

Contemplating the distances involved

Pac NW's winter blanket

Sunset coming up through the clouds, amazing!

Nighttime skyline from Michael's condo.

Sunrise Monday

Daytime view

100-year old window psychedelia

A Sweetwater 420 with a view. Georgia-Pacific HQ is the tower to the right of center. My Aunt Kathy works at a rotating restaurant ala the Seattle Space Needle at the top of the building in the center. My brother's condo building is on the right. Find the pole with the street sign on it. His building is the white one in the far background that the pole bisects.

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miss.maree said...

The sunrise-shadow photo is cool! Were you doing yoga? I hope you're still enjoying it. Maybe we can do it together over Skype? The pictures look great, Beeb.