Friday, January 11, 2008

Y'all People Had Enough? Gimme some mo'

I took a short walk around the general vicinity of my brother's condo today, mainly because for the past few days there has been a busker down on Grant Street belting out old R&B tunes that would magically float up to me on the ninth floor, through the painted-shut windows, and tickle my ears. I decided today that I would go in search of these sweet sounds. I found him directly across the street from the building, it's no wonder I could hear him.

I snapped a few picture of the skyscrapers downtown. For a complete list click here. For my Portland peeps, the tallest one we've got is the Wells Fargo center at 166.4m.


Georgia-Pacific Headquarters

191 Peachtree Tower

Westin Peachtree Plaza - Once the tallest hotel in the world.

The dome in the atrium at my brother's condo building.

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miss.maree said...

Nice! The sky looks so blue! I hope you're coming back to Portland.