Tuesday, February 19, 2008

It's good to be back!

Nearly a week since returning to the northwest, it's as if I never left, except for this feeling of renewal and rekindled love for my surroundings that shines like the Atlanta sun. It also seems that I brought some of that sun back with me, as the weather has improved and we've seen a couple bright, sunny days since I've returned. I've been doing my best to share this inner-light with Maree, making more of an effort to seize the day and be more active.

I've been making up for my vehicular habits in Atlanta by walking to the grocery store daily and going for afternoon walks with Maree to Laurelhurst or Mt Tabor park. We've probably walked 7 miles in the past week, plus a nice Saturday afternoon bike ride through SE Portland.

Sunday looked to be the best weather this year, so I got Maree up early and we headed out to the coast for a day hike. Sunny days on the coast are few and far between, and there were plenty of people out taking advantage, whether it be hiking trails, riding ATVs in the sand dunes (boo for being so loud!), beachcombing, cycling, or fishing the streams in the coast range.

Our hike for the day was the Cape Trail in Cape Lookout State Park, about 15 miles south of Tilamook. The trail was about 2.5 miles each way over a thin strip of land that jutted several miles out into the ocean. The trail starts at about 800 feet and ends at ~450ft, winding it's way through mature Sitka Spruce forest and hugging cliffs with sheer 600ft drops over blue-green waters. A few clicks into the trail, we took a side trail and found a great spot to bask in the sun with a breathtaking view of the coast to the south. The end of the trail, at the very tip of the landmass, is a very popular spot to watch for whales. There are some resident whales that can be seen year round, and then in January and March the whales that migrate along the west coast can be seen spouting and slapping fins. No whales that day, so we found a place to sit on the rocks and have a snack and take it all in.

Maree soaking up some much needed sun

It's 600ft straight down!!!