Saturday, April 19, 2008

Gorge trip with me folks

The weather Friday was absolutely delightful, I believe the warmest or second warmest day so far this year, so in celebration of said weather and the occasion of my parents visit, I up and took Friday off to take a day trip into the Columbia Gorge.

It was very hazy that day for some reason, possibly winds coming in from the high desert, so I was a little disappointed with the visibility of far-off features. The scale of the gorge is difficult to grasp in photos, but on the Oregon side, where all the pictures were taken, the walls of the gorge rise over a thousand feet into the air. The river itself is a mile or more wide. My dad commented that the Chattahoochee River in Atlanta looked like a creek in comparison and while true the Columbia has a much larger drainage basin. In the first photo the farthest layer of mountains is 20 miles away.

We stopped at the Portland Women's Forum overlook, Crown Point, Latourell and Multnomah Falls, and ended in Hood River at the Full Sail Brewery for lunch and some tasty beers. I had a BBQ pork sandwich and their Imperial Porter, which drank like a meal, mmmmmm!

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Celeste Pantalones said...

Wow. It's an amazing place, that Gorge.

I like that your folks got the Sessions!