Thursday, June 12, 2008

[Insert string of expletives here]

Soooooo...the landscapers showed up today, and I'd been thinking to myself of how I would need to protect the flower stalk from my Lamb's Ears that was growing at an awkward angle out over the lawn. So I saw them roll up in their truck, and immediately went out and placed one of our recycle bins in front of the stalk, shielding it from the weed eaters and mowers soon to come. I had little faith in the workers that come to cut the grass, so I set up my video camera to see how they would respond to my flower protection setup. Would they go around it? Would they remove the container and see what it was protecting and GO AROUND IT?


I went out and complained to the crew leader and got the "Oh, I'm so sorry about that" BS. So I got the number of the company and let them have it, then I called my property management company and filed a complaint with them. This is not the first time that something like this has happened, where the careful tending of my garden is so viciously and carelessly destroyed by mindless idiots daydreaming about who knows what. I'm fucking pissed! I wish they'd just buy me a mower and weed eater and I'd do it myself!


Anonymous said...

Hey Nephew,

Sorry about your plant. I've had tenants cut down trees, run over azelia bushes, let their dogs destroy my back yard, etc. etc. I know what it feels like when others destroy what you have worked hard to nurture and grow, I feel your pain, I'm sorry.

Uncle Jeff

kat said...

I feel your pain.

When I lived in an apartment that did not have a landscaped garden ambience, I planted my own... and the days that the mowers came out :-) I was home to direct them away from my flowers. But if I wasn't on hand I shudder at what would have been lost...

Curt said...

I understand why you are upset, but why didn't you just go out and tell them not to cut it. That would have been less trouble than setting up a video camera, wouldn't it?

David said...

I shouldn't have to tell them. It was painfully obvious that it should have been avoided. The recycling bin should have been a tip off as well. The bottom line is he is an incompetent landscaper and I shouldn't have to hold his hand for him to do his job.